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Next Gen

AI Metaverse Ecosystem

AI Metaverse Ecosystem

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Own a Piece of the Future: Create Your Own Metaverse City

Create a one-of-a-kind metaverse city, establish a thriving economy, and expand your empire in the virtual world.

Become a Governor

You can play an active role in shaping the future of virtual cities, while reaping the benefits of being an early adopter.

Rule a Metaverse City

As a Governors, you have the power to make important decisions that shape the future and growth of your city.

Grow your Digital Estate

Transform your city into a valuable asset: create and sell NFTs of its most iconic landmarks.

Monetize Your Lands

Earn 1% tax from every land sale that occurs within your city. And if you become a President, you can increase this tax rate.

Claim your city.

Secure your ultra-exclusive city and take ownership to shape the future of the metaverse.







New York

New York*





Los Angeles

Los Angeles*



San Francisco

San Francisco*















Hong Kong

Hong Kong*



A New Era of Web3 and AI

Discover the groundbreaking features of EarthMeta that differentiate us from other virtual platforms, including its Web3-based infrastructure, decentralized governance model, and unique metaverse ecosystem.

The Ultimate Metaverse Asset

Ultra-Rarity Assets

Creating limited unique assets, combined with growing demand, results in an increase in asset value.

NFT Ownership

NFT technology enables secure ownership of assets and access to perks without centralized authority.

High-Growth Market

Take advantage of the dynamic market of Virtual Real Estate by developing virtual lands.

DeFi Marketplace

Trade your cities and lands with transparency, using the power of blockchain technology.

Earth 1:1

A digital reincarnation of our world, with as much depth and meaning as the real world.


Benefit from the taxes generated and the potential for capital gains as the value of your city increases.

DAO Governance

Shape the future of Earthmeta's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

Community Driven

Users can participate in decision-making and shape the platform to their needs.


Our roadmap is designed to keep our users informed and engaged, as we work together to shape the future of the Metaverse.

Q2 2024

Whitepaper Release

$EMT Token Presale

Scale Up Team Members

Marketing Operations Campaign

October 2024

Launch of EarthMeta Platform

Initial NFT Cities Presale and Claim

Announcement of Countries Presidents

Referral and Incentive Campaign

December 2024

Earthmeta Token Listing

Launch of Marketplace for Cities

Launch of Land Delimitation for Governors

Integration with OpenSea Marketplace

Localization to more Languages

Targeted Influencer Marketing

Q1 2025

CEX Exchanges Listing for $EMT

Launch of Marketplace for Lands

Gamification for Landowners

Scale-up of the Assets Matching System

United Nations Governors-Driven DAO Model

Integration of dApps Partners

Finalization of City Data Collection Process

Integration of Systems of Governance for Cities

Q2 2025

Launch of EarthMeta AR Mobile App

Cross-Chain Compatibility for $EMT

Launch of Geolocalized NFT Art

Analytics Dashboard for Governors

AI-Powered Asset Management Tools

Mass Marketing Campaign

New UI/UX Development

Q3 2025

Staking Pools for Governors and Landowners

Launch of EarthMeta Wallet Mobile App

Launchpad for City Projects

White Label Portal for City Projects

Plug & Play Widgets for Governors

Governor Development Tools

Partnerships with Blockchain Projects

Charity Fund Allocation

Q4 2025

dApps Interoperability and DeFi Protocols

Construction Editor for Buildings and Infrastructure

Public API Interface for Governors

Launch of Digital Real Estate Agents Portal

Launch of Digital Assets Marketplace

Creators Contests

Partnerships with Companies and Brands

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